Healers Working Through Digital Remote Video Conferencing Technology

We have entered a new era of healing, where healers don’t necessarily have to be face to face with people seeking their professional services. Now through technologies like Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook video calls, and so much more, it is completely possible to have a very good face to face interactive experience. While there is definitely a difference than being in the same room, as there is a different level of energy exchange in the actual physical presence of another being, it is a close alternative where there can be a sense of energy exchange between beings remotely.


All it really takes to be connected to this means of interaction online is a computer, laptop or even smartphone or tablet and a good set of earbuds with a mic or preferably a good wireless headset which would enable you to be more free in not being tied down to the physical proximity of the computer. For recommended wireless headset reviews check out http://gamingegg.com


With the use of these devices, you can now accept consultations and healing sessions from patients around the world and provide a video and audio based digital interactive experience face to face online.


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