Bladder Sling Mesh Lawsuit News

It’s absolutely crazy what’s been going on with the manufacturer’s of the bladder sling products. Outrageous how these products which have been so destructive and the cause of so much suffering, and yet these manufacturers continue to stay in business and produce more horrible junk in our world.


It’s a very frustrating problem when manufacturer’s of products that are being prescribed as solutions and medicine and treatment are actually pushing things that only make matters worse. They are obviously not testing or are just absolutely clueless when it comes to real health concerns of the general public.


Right now, there are literally, hundreds of bladder mesh lawsuits that are open and in the midst of trial in courtrooms across the US. And I am so glad to see juries ruling in favor of the plaintiff’s who have already endured so much suffering due to these problematic products they’ve created.


There has been over $18 million rewarded to female sufferers that had the surgery to have these bladder mesh transvaginal products implemented to treat various symptoms like POP and SUI.


If you know women who have endured the pain and suffering that these horrendous products have caused, please refer them directly to this website so that they can get immediate help, and find out how much compensation they would be eligible if a lawsuit was pursued. Click here for more information…



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