Alternative Healing Support and Wellness with Essential Oils

Essential Oils are becoming one of the most turned to alternative sources for wellness, healing and alternative treatment for various health conditions and ailments. The modern medicine route has many frustrated over the process of dealing with insurance companies, difficult doctors, pharmaceudicals and just the entire state of the industry being one massive profit center that preys on the ill and capitalizes on disease and sickness.


For a long time, there were only a handful of major competitors in the Essential Oils space. Companies like Young Living and Doterra ruled the industry with their quality oils, sold through multi-level-marketing direct sales channels. Fortunately, another competitor has come along that is now offering a direct to consumer e-commerce model through their website.


The latest essential oils business is called Tao Essential Oils. They specalize in being a high quality manufacturer with excellent pricing and a low hassle sales model that does not involve having to sign up for an MLM scheme and in which you can buy direct from Tao at a simple direct price. Their model should revolutionize the currently MLM heavy industry and bring some integrity and simplicity to consumers being able to get essential oils.


For more information on Tao, their offerings and their selection of essential oils, please visit their website at



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