Addressing Depression Without Pharmaceudicals

The most common route psychologists and therapists will recommend for depression and other similar mood and mental disorders is prescription drugs and Pharmaceudicals. It’s become an epidemic of gross proportions, and it is sad when you consider the statistics related to suicide, death, illness and other side effects caused by the drugs themselves. What if there were other ways of treating these disorders?


Science is proving there are many other alternative ways to get help. Things like…


  • Sunshine
  • Exercise
  • Vitamin D
  • Cannabis
  • Life Coaching (not to be confused with therapy)
  • Social groups (connection)
  • So, why do we spend more and more money developing the drug side of these illnesses, when it is entirely possible to invest more resources in bringing real help and solutions to people that will bring them long lasting healing?


Personally, life coaching has been a huge help for me in my life, when I did it twice, both in very depressed stages of my life. The first coach I hired was a male coach based in Philadelphia, PA and the second coach was a female coach in Asheville, NC. Both experiences changed my life, got me outside of my small perspectives and box, and expanded my horizons, perspectives and tools used to keep my mental health in check.





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