Healers Working Through Digital Remote Video Conferencing Technology

We have entered a new era of healing, where healers don’t necessarily have to be face to face with people seeking their professional services. Now through technologies like Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook video calls, and so much more, it is completely possible to have a very good face to face interactive experience. While there is definitely a difference than being in the same room, as there is a different level of energy exchange in the actual physical presence of another being, it is a close alternative where there can be a sense of energy exchange between beings remotely.


All it really takes to be connected to this means of interaction online is a computer, laptop or even smartphone or tablet and a good set of earbuds with a mic or preferably a good wireless headset which would enable you to be more free in not being tied down to the physical proximity of the computer. For recommended wireless headset reviews check out http://gamingegg.com


With the use of these devices, you can now accept consultations and healing sessions from patients around the world and provide a video and audio based digital interactive experience face to face online.


The Alternative Healing Center of the World

There is more healing happening in Western North Carolina, southern appalachia, the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a beautiful culture-rich city called Asheville. Dial up an Asheville moving company now because when you learn about what’s happening in this magical valley close to giant peak mountains of Pisgah and Mitchell, you will definitely want to move in and call Asheville home.


There is a spiritual energy fidle surrounding Asheville. One that has in a sense created a cultural bubble of progressive, hippy, artist and musician approved vibes that bring tourists in year round to experience something fresh and different. Whatever you want to find in terms of healing off of the traditional western path, you will find here in Asheville. From energy healers, psychics, acupuncturists, herbologists, plant medicine healers, tuning forks, bio-optometry studies, and so much more. Asheville is a giant mecca of options for anyone seeking healing in their life, whether that be emotional, spiritual, or physical healing that needs to be done, or as many in Asheville would argue, is all one and the same through metaphysical layers and dimensions that bring it all together.


Interestingly enough, once you arrive, you’ll either find yourself getting everything you need, as if the universe is consipiring to pull you into the vortex that is here, or it will do the opposite and repel you through the use of fear and struggle, which ultimately leads you toward healing anyway.




Addressing Depression Without Pharmaceudicals

The most common route psychologists and therapists will recommend for depression and other similar mood and mental disorders is prescription drugs and Pharmaceudicals. It’s become an epidemic of gross proportions, and it is sad when you consider the statistics related to suicide, death, illness and other side effects caused by the drugs themselves. What if there were other ways of treating these disorders?


Science is proving there are many other alternative ways to get help. Things like…


  • Sunshine
  • Exercise
  • Vitamin D
  • Cannabis
  • Life Coaching (not to be confused with therapy)
  • Social groups (connection)
  • So, why do we spend more and more money developing the drug side of these illnesses, when it is entirely possible to invest more resources in bringing real help and solutions to people that will bring them long lasting healing?


Personally, life coaching has been a huge help for me in my life, when I did it twice, both in very depressed stages of my life. The first coach I hired was a male coach based in Philadelphia, PA and the second coach was a female coach in Asheville, NC. Both experiences changed my life, got me outside of my small perspectives and box, and expanded my horizons, perspectives and tools used to keep my mental health in check.





Alternative Healing Support and Wellness with Essential Oils

Essential Oils are becoming one of the most turned to alternative sources for wellness, healing and alternative treatment for various health conditions and ailments. The modern medicine route has many frustrated over the process of dealing with insurance companies, difficult doctors, pharmaceudicals and just the entire state of the industry being one massive profit center that preys on the ill and capitalizes on disease and sickness.


For a long time, there were only a handful of major competitors in the Essential Oils space. Companies like Young Living and Doterra ruled the industry with their quality oils, sold through multi-level-marketing direct sales channels. Fortunately, another competitor has come along that is now offering a direct to consumer e-commerce model through their website.


The latest essential oils business is called Tao Essential Oils. They specalize in being a high quality manufacturer with excellent pricing and a low hassle sales model that does not involve having to sign up for an MLM scheme and in which you can buy direct from Tao at a simple direct price. Their model should revolutionize the currently MLM heavy industry and bring some integrity and simplicity to consumers being able to get essential oils.


For more information on Tao, their offerings and their selection of essential oils, please visit their website at https://www.taoessentialoils.com



Lifelong Battles with Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease has been a rapidly increasing disease in diagnosis levels and awareness across the globe. It effects millions of people, and is an autoimmune disorder that can lead to a multitude of complications.

Be aware of the symptoms and the best treatments. Here is one person’s story that we found very compelling and worthy of sharing here at Interactive Spark:

Bladder Sling Mesh Lawsuit News

It’s absolutely crazy what’s been going on with the manufacturer’s of the bladder sling products. Outrageous how these products which have been so destructive and the cause of so much suffering, and yet these manufacturers continue to stay in business and produce more horrible junk in our world.


It’s a very frustrating problem when manufacturer’s of products that are being prescribed as solutions and medicine and treatment are actually pushing things that only make matters worse. They are obviously not testing or are just absolutely clueless when it comes to real health concerns of the general public.


Right now, there are literally, hundreds of bladder mesh lawsuits that are open and in the midst of trial in courtrooms across the US. And I am so glad to see juries ruling in favor of the plaintiff’s who have already endured so much suffering due to these problematic products they’ve created.


There has been over $18 million rewarded to female sufferers that had the surgery to have these bladder mesh transvaginal products implemented to treat various symptoms like POP and SUI.


If you know women who have endured the pain and suffering that these horrendous products have caused, please refer them directly to this website so that they can get immediate help, and find out how much compensation they would be eligible if a lawsuit was pursued. Click here for more information…¬†http://www.eumorphia.org